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Sound AiSleep

Download Sound AiSleep on the App Store and create kids audiobooks spoken in your voice

Create kids audiobooks, spoken in your voice.

It's proven that children are soothed by their parent's or caregiver's voice. But they are not always there to read them a bedtime story. SoundAiSleep creates your AI voice clone in as little as three minutes. Then choose any of our children's books and create your audiobook, spoken in your voice!

The second best way to fall asleep.


What is an AI voice clone?

An AI Voice Generator uses artificial intelligence to convert written text into synthetic yet natural-sounding speech. Our partner’s AI Voice Generator encapsulates advanced speech synthesis, creating a seamless natural sounding voice.


Unlike traditional text-to-speech systems, our AI Voice Generator taps into sophisticated algorithms to mimic human intonation, expression, and accents. This not only enhances the listening experience but also provides a human touch to the digital interactions.

How do I create AI voice clone?

It’s easy – you record yourself reading a two and a half minute sample story in the app, and your voice will be cloned in seconds with our AI partner. Make sure your recording is clear with no background noise to create a more accurate sounding voice clone.

How do you power your AI voices?

We create AI voices with our partner ElevenLabs. You can find out more about them at

Can I change my voice sample after I have created my voice clone?

You need to contact customer support if you would like to change your voice clone. Please email and someone will get back to you with instructions on how to delete and create a new voice clone.

How many times can I listen to the audiobook once I purchase it?

As many times as you would like, as long as you keep your SoundAiSleep account, you will have access to any audiobook you have bought in the past.

What age range of books do you have in your library?

Listening to stories helps children’s cognitive development at all ages. Our library will be aimed at children aged 2-10 years old.

When will SoundAiSleep launch on Android?

We are launching on the Play Store later this year, if you sign up to join the waitlist you will be the first to be notified once we have launched and avoid disappointment!

Who has access to my voice clones on SoundAiSleep?

Only you have access to your voice clone through your SoundAiSleep account.

How does SoundAiSleep ensure the privacy of my voice data?

SoundAiSleep is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your voice data. The voice recordings you upload for cloning are used solely for creating your personalized audiobook by our partner Elevenlabs and are not shared with third parties.

Can I delete my voice clone and data from SoundAiSleep?

Absolutely. SoundAiSleep provides an option for you to delete your account and all associated data. This action will permanently remove your AI voice clone and any related data from SoundAiSleep's servers, ensuring your digital privacy.

How do I delete my account and data from SoundAiSleep?

To delete your account and all associated data, including your AI voice clone, you can access account settings within the SoundAiSleep app. There you will find an option to permanently delete your account. Alternatively, you can contact customer support for assistance.

What happens to my data after I delete my SoundAiSleep account?

Once you delete your account, all data associated with it, including your voice recordings and AI voice clones, are permanently erased from SoundAiSleep’s servers. This process is irreversible, ensuring that your personal data is not retrievable or accessible post-deletion.

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