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Ease Your Morning Rush with Sound AiSleep

The morning scramble – a time when scrambled eggs become airborne and socks mysteriously part ways. Ever longed for a simple switch to ease the morning frenzy into something a bit more... charming? Transform chaos into calm – with Sound AiSleep. Check us out at, and let's make those AM antics a bit more magical.

Morning Mayhem Meets Its Match

Picture this: Instead of the usual alarm blaring, your kids wake up to your voice spinning tales from their favourite books. Sound AiSleep transforms you into the family's storyteller extraordinaire, all starting with just a two and a half minute voice recording. Suddenly, you're not just a parent; you're the narrator of adventures untold, all before they've even stumbled out of bed.

Drive Time, Story Time

Reading behind the wheel? A definite no-no. But who says the storytelling has to stop? With Sound AiSleep, your voice (the one they can’t get enough of) becomes their on-the-road entertainer. It’s like sneaking veggies into the pasta sauce—educational, yet sneaky. Transform traffic into story time, making every "Are we there yet?" an opportunity for a new chapter.

Fit Right Into the Frenzy

Fitting Sound AiSleep into your morning routine is smoother than convincing your toddler that yes, indeed, dinosaurs did brush their teeth. Whether you're navigating the wild-west of wardrobe decisions or ensuring they've got something resembling breakfast, our audiobooks add a layer of calm and connection amidst the chaos.

Using Sound AiSleep offers more than just convenience; it provides a variety of benefits:

  • Cement those parent-kid bonds with every story, enveloped in the comfort of your voice.

  • Sharpen their little grey cells, boosting language skills and listening prowess with the stealth of a linguistic ninja.

  • Fuel their imagination, propelling them into the day with minds abuzz with adventures and mysteries solved.

With Sound AiSleep, you're not just cutting down the morning madness; it’s about turning the morning rush into a rush of stories, laughter, and learning.

So, why not give it a whirl? Visit 


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