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Unlock Your Inner Storyteller: Top Tips for creating your AI voice clone with Sound AiSleep

Sound AiSleep creates kid's audiobooks using AI voice clones.

Hello parents! Ready to take story time to the next level with Sound AiSleep? You're about to turn a simple story into an unforgettable journey, voiced by none other than you. To create your voice clone, you only need to record two and half minutes of our sample story. So read it out loud and proud, to instantly create your AI voice clone – and unlock any of our kids audiobooks spoken in your voice!

The clearer your recording is, the better your audiobooks will sound. Here are some tips on how to make the your sample recording a smashing success! 

1. Scout Your Studio: Find a quiet corner where distractions are kept at bay. A crystal-clear initial recording means your audiobooks will sound absolutely stellar!

2.  Mic Check, One Two: Keep your phone or mic about 30cm away. This distance is perfect for capturing your natural tone without any audio distortions.

3. Settle In: Comfort is key! Choose a spot where you feel relaxed. When you’re comfortable, your narration sounds more natural and engaging.

4. Speak Clearly and Deliberately: Ensure every word is easily understandable—speak clearly, at a moderate pace, and pronounce each word carefully. Avoid mumbling or slurring, as clarity is crucial, especially for young listeners who hang on to every word of the story.

5. Do a Dry Run: Before you hit record, take a quick pass through the story. This pre-read is your chance to smooth out tricky phrases and get familiar with the flow.

The sample story is taken from the book The Little Dinosaur in Mia’s Garden"

Excited to hear what happened to the little dinosaur? You can purchase the full audiobook and find out! 

So, grab your script, find your spot, and let the magic begin. Happy recording!

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