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When, Where, and How to Bring Stories to Life

Sound AiSleep can transform your daily routine into magical moments with your voice, ensuring you're there for your child, even when you're away. This blog post will guide you through the practical magic of Sound AiSleep, ensuring that your voice becomes their most awaited story. Here’s how:

Babysitters’ Best Friend

Stepping out doesn't mean stepping away from your child's bedtime routine. With Sound AiSleep, babysitters can effortlessly step into your shoes. By using your Sound AiSleep account, they can play the personalised stories in your voice, ensuring your child feels your loving presence, soothing them into dreamland with familiar comfort.

Bluetooth Speakers: 

Your voice can fill your child's room, thanks to the simple connection of your iPhone or iPad to a Bluetooth speaker. This seamless setup ensures they fall asleep to the comforting sound of your voice, when you’re at home.

Car Journeys: 

Long drives can transform into epic adventures with Sound AiSleep. Connect your device to your car's audio system and let the stories unfold. It's the perfect way to soothe or entertain your little ones, making every journey an adventure they look forward to.


For those moments when your older child seeks solitude or when the household buzzes with activity, wireless headphones become a gateway to their private storytelling session. It's an ideal solution for quiet time or travel.


With AirPlay, your home becomes a theatre of tales narrated by the most special narrator - you. Stream the audiobook from your device directly to Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible speakers, ensuring your child's favourite stories echo through any room.

Dedicated Devices: 

Equip an old iPhone or iPad with Sound AiSleep, so they can listen to adventures narrated by you, even when you’re not there.

Sound AiSleep transforms daily routines into thrilling adventures with the sound of your voice.So, why not give it a whirl? Visit and see how every car journey, morning routine, or quiet time can bring you closer, no matter the distance.

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